New features in the 6.3 version

The ability to edit an attachment in Office365

Integration with Office365 has been added. Once properly configured, the option to edit a document in the web version of Word and Excel applications appears.

An active Office365 subscription is required for this functionality to work. The system recognizes the user by the email address assigned to the account.

For proper operation, you need to configure OneDrive login data: application ID, lease ID, username and password. Enter this data in Settings > Other > Settings under OneDrive.

Display of invoices downloaded from The National System of e-Invoices

Integration with The National System of e-Invoices has been expanded. Documents downloaded from the system are saved as html attachments, which makes it possible to view them in NAVIGATOR just like pdf or docx attachments.

Similarly, the Official Acknowledgement of Receipt is displayed.

Anonymization of attachments

The ability to blur content on PDF attachments and image files has been added. This allows you to permanently blur sensitive content on attachments.

Edit procedure – start of waiting step

In the latest version, the editing of circulation procedures has been improved and the editing of the procedure starts on the step that is pending.

Bank accounts on the counterparty are not duplicated

In the latest version, the possibility of repeatedly adding the same bank account to a contractor has been removed. The system checks whether such an account already exists in the system.

Description of account assignment – setting the number of characters

In the latest version, the ability to set the maximum number of characters for the field Description of account assignment has been added. This description is sometimes sent to accounting systems and these systems have limits on the number of characters.

Ability to remove the module from the application

The ability to delete a module within an application has been added; a new Delete button has been added.

Updated list of countries in the TIN field

The list of countries has been updated.

Added ability to preview the Password field

A person with permission to modify the document can view the password in the Password field. We have added an eye icon next to the field.

Ability to navigate to payment documents through the Custom Number field

Checking the details of a scheduled payment, we can go directly with a link to the payment document through a field in the Custom Number column.

Added configuration for an assortment-based list

When editing a module, you now have the ability to configure document categories for an assortment-based list (As table) the same as for document-based lists (To table).

Themes – setting the color for a non-editing field

Since the latest version, you can set the color for the non-editing field.