What’s new in version 5.6

The ability to change the graphic theme (skins)

In the new version of the system, it is possible to change the appearance (colours) of the system. A new option has appeared in the system menu (under the name of the logged in user):

Themes must be created and added by the system administrator, the user can only choose from the available themes.

Ability to add multiple attributes of the attachment type to the document

In older versions of Business Navigator, for forms based on the Do table (Group: Documents), it was not possible to add an attachment type attribute. Each such form had a system attachment panel on the left side of the document.

From the current version, the possibility of placing additional attachment type attributes on the Documents type forms has been added. You can place any number of these attributes.

The ability to control the visibility and the requirement of the comments at the workflow step

From this version of Business Navigator, the user can control the visibility and the requirement for comments at the stage of the process. In older versions of the system, the user who performed the step of the workflow process could add his comment when choosing the path but he needn’t to.

In the current version, the system administrator can force the user to add a comment. You can set this force independently for each path.

With this setting, if the user tries to select a path with a mandatory comment, they will get an error message saying they must insert a comment.

If the comment is required, the window is always visible at this step, the user does not have to add it from the menu.