What’s new in version 6.0

System actions for contractors

A new category has been added to system actions: actions concerning contractors. Using the action, you can download the contractor’s data from the General Statistics Office database, verify the bank account and VAT status of the contractor.

For a detailed description of the new actions, check out the following article: System Actions: Contractor

More intuitive user editing

In the NAVIGATOR system the user is closely connected with a position in the organizational structure. In previous versions both objects – user and position – could be edited from two different places in the system which could lead to difficulties in operating the system. In the current version, this has been changed so that from the user level both the user and their position can be edited.

Similarly,  from the position level, you can edit the user who occupies that position.

Expiry of file sharing

The functionality of sharing files with people from outside the company has been extended. Now you can specify the day until which a file will be available to a person not registered in the system.

Conditional highlighting

The form definition now includes the ability to set highlights on particular fields. Setting a highlight causes the selected form element to be colored, e.g:

Highlighting conditions calculated on the form or as an element of the workflow procedure configuration.

User groups – expansion

The set of built-in fields that can be used on the User Groups form has been extended. We have added system fields Company and Description.

Possibility of changing the separator in the own number

Configuration of the document’s own number has been extended. In the current version besides previous parameters, it is possible to set a separator that separates parts of the number. The separator can be any character. The changes will be visible in every new document based on the document type where the changes were made, which means that each document type can have a different separator.

Configuration of bank account on a document

The configuration of the bank account appearance on a document has been extended. Configuration is done via Document type, just like other form elements.

Instead of a single bank account widget, you have a choice of individual fields associated with the account:

Account number – the account number is displayed
New account number – it is possible to add a new account number
Is it on the white list – information about the status of the account is displayed
SWIFT code – SWIFT code is displayed
Currency – The currency of the account is displayed

With this configuration, it is possible to control the visibility of individual elements for different users – through Dedicated Form Views – or in different activities within the workflow.

Adding a data set and automatically calculated field in the Company field

The configuration of the embedded Company field has been extended. The system designer can use the Data set limitation and Auto-calculated field sections to dynamically manage the Company field

Field calculated automatically – Contractor

Similarly to the Company built-in field, the ability to automatically calculate the field value for all built-in fields concerning the counterparty has been added. The change applies to built-in fields: Contractor, Contractor (edit) and Recipient

Attachment change history in File Panel

The history of changes to attachments to documents has been extended. The user can see all versions of documents, has the ability to add a description of changes, can also restore an older version of the attachment as the current one. A detailed description of the functionality is located in the document about working together in NAVIGATOR.

Supporting language on the login panel

In the system configuration, accessible through Settings > Others > Settings, a possibility to configure the language of the login page has been added. There are two options to choose from: the language of the application, set in the system configuration, and the language from the browser settings. More about system configuration can be found in the article System configuration.

Restrictions on adding attachments

The newest configuration allows managing attachments that can be added to the system. The administrator can limit the addition of attachments to files of a specific type, and can also limit the maximum size of the attachment. The settings can be found in Settings > Other > Settings in the Application section

For more on system configuration, see the article System Configuration.

Informing about errors

The message that informs about errors on the form has been changed. In addition to more detailed descriptions of the problem, each error is a link. The user can click on the error and the system will take him to the erroneously filled field.

After clicking the user can immediately proceed to fill in the field.

Adding the possibility of selecting the parameter company

The Company ID variable has been added to the system variables. The variable can be used to construct conditions on the form, e.g: