What’s new in version 6.2

Action Wait

New action which job is to suspend the process until the date defined in the configuration of the action.

In the configuration, all you have to do is indicate workflow activity ID ( you can use for that system variable like in the example above), user ID, and field on the form, where the date and time are logged. After accessing the operation containing action Wait, the system suspends the workflow until the time indicated in the configuration.


Integration with the KSEF

System NAVIGATOR has been enriched with integration with the National e-Invoice System. The integration was based on the actions, which is why it’s so easy to add sending or downloading documents to existing processes. There have been prepared three actions:

Send an invoice

The action allows sending the indicated document to the KSEF. If we indicate a field on the form, the system will save the reference number KSEF in it, which can be used to, for example, download the Official Confirmation Receipt.

Download UPO

The action allows downloading the Official Confirmation Receipt (UPO) in the XLM file. For proper functioning of the action, we need the reference number of the document sent to the KSEF. This number is returned through the action Send an invoice.

Download invoices

The action Download invoices works a little differently than the last two. It is not dependent on any document, in the configuration you need to provide the firm, type of the document, its category, and a date range. Action collects all the documents from KSEF from the specified date range and, based on them, creates documents about the given type and category.

Starting the process on schedule

In the actual version of the system, there has been added an option to run processes according to the schedule.

Run according to the schedule is available in the process, which have selected the option Action mode. After selecting schedules, a simple configurator appears, where we can adjust when the process will be run.


Changing the way the process starts

In the actual version, there has been added the ability to start the workflow process from the automatic action. Such action, when running an automatic process, is performed right after saving the document without waiting for the user’s action. It allows, for example, setting the document status right after saving it without the need to perform the first operation in the process.

AutoNumber column of the list of attributes

A new variable was added: systemic Line number, which enables AutoNumber of the list of attributes lines.

By applying SQL query: Select @rows as value, where to the variable @rows we will assign the systemic field Line number to the integer field , we can configure the list of attributes, so in the column, the line number will be automatically calculated.


Updating the libraries

The libraries in the system NAVIGATOR  have been updated to following versions:

JQuery.min.js 4.10.0
bootstrap.min.js 3.3.4
moment.min.js 2.8.1
JQuery.min.js 1.12.4


Ability to open shadowbox with options in the assignment

In the assignment fields, where the dictionaries are plugged, the ability has been added to open the full list of elements of the plugged dictionary.


After selecting option List, a window will display with the full list of available options and the ability to search the list.

Distinction on the list of items

The option to distinct the element on the form also works now on the list of items.

Configuration of the distinction takes place identically as distinctions on the regular element of the form.

Expansion of the action Create a document on moving the connected documents

To action Create a new document, new options have been added:

After selecting Copy connections to documents to Yes and indicating from which document to copy, the action will create relations between the created document and all documents that were connected with the indicated document.


Addition of deleting comments support in Extension

There have been added EType.D and EType.BD type supports on the table [if] in Extension. This change means that in case of deleting the comment, the system properly saves the data to logs.


Comments to workflow in the tab comments

In the actual version of the system new functionality has been added for displaying comments to the action in workflow in the tabl comments.

If the user adds a comment to the action on the workflow step – like in the example above,

A post will be automatically created in the tab Comments. The post includes information, that the comment origins from the action on the workflow step.

Not all of the comments will be displayed this way. If the comment is automatically added by the system – for example, “Action was performed by…”, the system will not display this comment in the tab Comments. Only comments entered by the user are displayed this way.


Extending possibilities of performing workflow step by the superior

In the current version, the employee’s superior can perform for him the workflow step:

The option is available from the level of the list of all the actions (Document workflow > Actions within the workflow frameworks).

In the tab Workflow, the system informs that the action was performed by another person.


Ability to use action “Change field value” regardless of authorities

The action Change field value was changed. At this moment, the system doesn’t check if the user performing the action has the authority to modify files. Action always makes changes in the document.


Upgrading the subsystem AI from the level of NAVIGATOR

The procedure of lifting the system’s version available from the system configuration, has been changed. At this moment, along with the system, the subsystem AI is also updated.


OCR – turning off the recommendation on the type

The option has been added, which allows turning off the recommendations on the document’s type.