What’s new in version 6.4

Calendar redesign

Calendars accessible in the system have been redesigned. Next to the basic functionality of displaying a list in the form of a calendar, we added a new feature that lets you add documents directly from a calendar.

Calendars are based on regular documents. To use them, all we need are the fields Data from and Data to on the formula.

In order to use the calendar we need to configure a list – select fields in the form which will be used on the calendar.

Refreshing the questionnaires

Questionnaires that have been used in previous versions have been remade and freshened. Questionnaires creating mechanism was rebuilt.

Questionnaires analytics

We also made it possible for simple questionnaire analytics, which allows for results presentation.

New action used for downloading e-mails

An action “Synchronize mailbox” has been added. It is used to download any mails. It can be used in a workflow procedure or used with a workflow under the button on the form.

In the configuration of this action we need to declare a mailbox, which will be synchronized.

New action “Workflow: Start workflow”

Action used for starting workflows has been added.

Native HTMPL preview

We added a function that allows users to view HTML files. If any HTML file attachment is added to the document, the user will be able to preview its contents the same way as with graphic files, pdf or word documents.

Dynamic list filtering inside the form

In the configuration embedded in the form there has been added a new option, to filter lists based on the choice fields.

Unlike previous versions, where there was only a possibility to add values inserted from the keyboard, now users can choose many options from the expandable list.

Workflow, step done by supervisor

We changed the mechanisms of choosing the executor at the workflow step. In the workflow there is an option to set a particular step to the supervisor of the documents owner or the person who started the workflow. This configuration came with a problem – there are employees who do not have a supervisor. In the new version of the system, NAVIGATOR checks if the person has a supervisor and if not – it leads the workflow to this person instead of the supervisor.

Adding a “Last working day of the month” option in the configuration of the notification scheme configuration

In the configuration of the notifications there has been added a new option of sending notifications – last working day of the month.

Copying of the lists attributes

We expanded an action of copying the fields between forms with a possibility to copy lists attributes.

Archive – identification of archival documents

On the system lists there has been added a new column, which helps finding documents transferred to the archive.

Possibility to manage attribute fields recognized during OCR

In recognized fields new attribute fields are displayed now. If this field gets recognized, the assigned value automatically gets put into the fields in the documents form. It’s not always a desired outcome, sometimes we would like to have an option of managing what we want to be filled.

System modification causes the mechanism to work the same way as the fields that were never transcribed from the sample document. In settings there has been added an option: Fields that will not be transcripted after OCR recognition”

Substitutions in the case of multiple companies

If the installation supports multiple companies and substitution mechanisms, the problem with correct assigning of substitution to the company might have appeared. In the new version, the mechanism of assigning substitutions was changed. Now it’s possible to assign a substitution only to positions located in the same organizational structure.

Word attachment

The method of saving the history of changes in attachments has been changed – the name of the file contains a subordinate number ex. ver. 1, ver. 2 etc.

In addition creating new versions only happens after saving and closing the word document. If someone saves a file after every content change or has autosave turned on, the system won’t generate a new version save, because the number of versions would be growing too quickly.

Change in the configuration of choice attribute – groups

The NAVIGATOR system allows you to use the field from the form in the configuration of the circulation procedure to indicate who is the executor of the step. In configuration we need to choose if the field refers to structure (ex. position) or user.

In the new version we added an extra option – Group. With that we can select elements from the list of groups making users assigned to the group – the executors of the workflow.