About us



Archman was founded in 2007. The approach oriented to finding optimal solutions for the organization is the main value in our company. We urge our clients to organize and computerize the most pressing processes and give the feeling of a well-executed investment.

We operate in a capital group with the College of Economics and Computer Science in Krakow. Every day, cooperation with the university gives our employees a lot of satisfaction resulting from sharing knowledge, but also brings tangible benefits to the company. We have access to the most talented students and graduates as well as specialists from various companies and industries. Together, we implement innovative projects in the field of new technologies in the construction of applications and artificial intelligence.

We focus on building one product and put a whole heart into it. We strive to make Business Navigator set standards in the construction of this type of application.

wdrożenie i zastosowanie Business Intelligence


In September 2008, we became the official partner of Microsoft. In 2010, we obtained the certification of our products. The basic benefits of the certificate for clients and the company Archman Sp. z o.o. lower costs of Microsoft products supporting the platform, guarantee of high quality IT products and cooperation in the development of the Business Navigator IT platform.

In March 2011, we became the official partner of Advisio. This partnership is connected with receiving the CONSULTANTS OF THE FUTURE certificate. Thanks to cooperation with Advisio, our consultants have extended their scope of competence in the area of ​​analysis of strategic and operational goals of the company. Thanks to this, our clients can count on even more professional implementation of our projects.

In April 2011, our Business Navigator platform became a certified product within the Windows Azure service. Thanks to this solution, our IT products can be distributed via the Internet, without the need to install the software on the client’s server.

Partnership program

Companies which decide to be a Partner can count on clear and certain cooperation rules. Each Partner receives substantive, technical and marketing support.

Benefits of joining the partner program include:

  • Attractive trade conditions
  • Training in field of using and implementing the system
  • Substantive and technical support from consultants during implementations
  • Support for sales and marketing activities (Internet, conferences, workshops, advertising brochures)
  • Free licenses for Business Navigator system for own use

Confirmation of each Partner’s competences is its status. It depends on the knowledge about the product and sales achievements. As the level of knowledge and involvement in the distribution of the product increases, the Partner achieves higher statuses which are reflected in the amount of sales commission obtained.

Step 1: contacting Archman’s consultant

Step 2: undergoing certification training on Business Navigator

Step 3: signing partnership contract with Archman