We will be a partner of the conference on workflow and production in Wrocław

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Archman will be a partner of the IT conference organized on January 24, 2017 in Wrocław.

At the conference, the following issues will be presented:

• New ERP trends and technologies;
• Electronic workflow of documents – documentation management in company;
• Advanced planning and production scheduling on limited resources (machines, sockets, raw materials, employees);
• Creating simulations and calculations for production plans;
• Supervision over construction and technological documentation and integration with PDM and CAx solutions;
• Production preparation, creating BOM – here starts everything;
• Balancing material needs and production resources;
• Settling production along with actual costs of manufacturing products;
• Registration of actual production performance according to operations, employee and workplace;
• Registration of inconsistencies in manufacturing process;
• Analysis of labor intensity during executing orders, employee efficiency analysis.

More information: http://synergia-it.pl/2017-01-24/wroclaw/

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