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Why Archman?

  • Polish company
  • We are a producer (quick responsiveness)

  • 100% successful implementations

  • We originate from one of consulting companies

  • Experience (since 2007)

  • Since the beginning, we have focused on mobile (web) solutions

  • Microsoft is our technological partner

Why Navigator?

  • Mobility

  • Complexity

  • Most modern security solutions

  • Modern and ergonomic user interface

  • Possibility of creating own modules

  • Most modern reporting technologies

  • Advanced scalability and configurability

  • Multi-company approach and multilingualism

  • Easy integration with other systems

  • Possibility of installing in private or public clouds

Client’s opinions

In less than half a year, we moved most of our reports to Navigator which not only provided us with on-line data, but also supported us in distributing and sharing the reports with particular people.
Tomasz Ściechowski
Member of Management Board / Heban Sp. z o.o.
For me, the biggest advantage of the Archman team was flexibility and the fact that although the concept of implementation was being changed many times, we never heard that “it cannot be done"
Grzegorz Piechota
Chief Financial Officer / Medicare Sp. z o.o.
Business Navigator for managers is, due to simplicity of its use, an additional employee they have in their teams.
Łukasz Gębala
Head of Controlling Department / Kopalnia Soli Wieliczka S.A.

Which processes does Navigator support?

System visualization


  • viessmann
  • pco
  • artgeist
  • elzab
  • medicare
  • heban
  • wsei
  • comp
  • swisspor
  • Wieliczka Salt Mine
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