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Comprehensive platform for group work. Thanks to it, you can transfer business processes, information flow and data security to a completely different level.

Use the library of ready-made processes and document forms, tasks and projects. If it is not enough for you, create your own vision of process handling. Design a form, a flow, a list and a desktop. At the end, share it with colleagues from the team or the whole company.

Why Workflow in Navigator?

Full adjustment to personal requirements (you can change up to 90% of the system)

Easy configuration of own procedures, forms, lists, etc.

Support for all types of documents (invoices, contracts, e-mails, absences, tasks, etc.)

Multi-company approach (each company has its own chart of accounts, files, types of documents)

Advanced reporting system using pivot tables and dashboards

Workflow modules

Workflow (engine)

  • convenient design of procedures using diagrams
  • form management on individual steps of the procedure (which fields are visible, which ones are editable, which ones are obligatory)
  • workflow paths depend on the value of fields on the document (e.g. amounts, types, etc.)
  • automatic actions (the system performs actions itself and selects a specific effectdependent path)
  • email messages and internal alerts
Workflow dla firm


  • trade documents (requests, orders, stock documents, invoices and corrections)
  • administrative documents (contracts, letters, policies, regulations)
  • HR documents (civil law contracts, certificates, holidays, delegations)
  • additional own types of documents (definable forms, statuses, additional fields)
  • intelligent management of permissions (for documents or document fields)
Workflow dokumentów

Projects and tasks

  • complex and simple tasks
  • task hierarchy (unlimited levels)
  • time dependencies (deadlines dependent on other tasks)
  • resource planning
  • static and dynamic reports
  • intelligent management of permissions
  • discussion forums for projects
  • time records for tasks
  • own task forms
Monitorowanie projektów i zadań


  • document payment monitoring
  • automatic sending of reminders
  • settlement of advance payments
  • cash handling operations
  • monitoring of bank account balances
  • intelligent management of permissions
Monitorowanie płatności i faktur


  • management of system files (method of storing scans, etc.)
  • file management on shared disks (access to files via system or WebDAV)
  • intelligent management of permissions (by structure, subordination, workflow procedures)
  • file edition directly in the system (Word online, Excel-online, or in desktop applications via WebDAV)
Program do zarządzania plikami


  • management of notifications from each module
  • edition of notification contents
  • collective and individual notifications
  • advanced management of notification criteria
  • definable schedules (e.g. every Friday, 1st day of the month, etc.)
Zarządzanie powiadomieniami w module

News and forums

  • Company and individual departments news
  • Discussion forums
  • Notifications in the system and via e-mails
Powiadamianie w systemie i za pomocą e-mail


  • Online communication with team members
  • Secure file transfer
  • Group conversations
Komunikacja z członkami zespołu on-line

Integration with external systems

We connect ourselves with external systems in two ways to synchronize registers, documents and files. Integration may be done:

  • Periodically (e.g. every hour, especially for registers)
  • On-line (going to an external system after saving in Navigator)

Which systems has Navigator been integrated with so far:

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